Terms & Conditions

Artists’ impressions and photographs

Our new homes are constructed from a wide variety of designs and are illustrated on this website by means of artists’ impressions and photographs.

The artists’ impressions together with the plans and photographs used on this website are not intended to convey an accurate representation of a property, its description, its setting nor its immediate surroundings. The artists’ impressions are drawn from an imaginary viewpoint in an area of clean, open space and have been drawn in a way that is designed to give an impression of the individual design of a particular house.

Photographs of existing homes, taken from a selection of our developments, have been used to convey a typical street scene and are not intended to give the impression that any particular development will necessarily look like any of the photographs.

Site plans and layout drawings

Our site plans do not show the final details of:

  • boundaries
  • landscaping
  • street lighting or signage
  • contours or gradients

Although we strive to make our developments match our layout plans, there may be operational or other reasons why the plan could be changed and we reserve the right to amend or update our proposals without notice.

Internal layouts

We strive to make each new home and development as varied and interesting as possible. The information we produce in respect of our properties is for guidance only and does not form part of the contract for sale. The dimensions shown on floor plan layouts are indicative, and prospective purchasers should not rely on this information as a basis for purchasing soft furnishings and furniture. Please check with our sales advisor for exact measurements.

Show homes

We would like to remind visitors that the decorative finishes, furniture, ornaments, soft furnishings and carpets used in show homes are for display purposes only and do not form part of the standard specification for the houses on sale at that particular development. Equally, the front and rear garden layouts are only intended as an example of how you could design your new home.

Full details of the standard specifications together with options on floor coverings, kitchen units, wall tiles and sanitary ware colours are available from our sales advisor.

Optional extras

Our sales advisors will be delighted to explain our procedures and payment terms, however, it is important to appreciate that all extras are offered subject to build stage. It is essential to note that all items in your selection will need to be ordered by an agreed date, and unfortunately, after this date, we regret that the list of available options will be limited.

To avoid disappointment, it is important to allow sufficient time to make your detailed selection. Please make an appointment with the sales advisors on site, who will be able to discuss the options that are available and ensure that you are totally happy with your choice.

Your safety

New homes sites can be hazardous places, and whilst we take every care to make them as safe as possible - for our own employees and for visitors - we’d like your help to keep our safety record amongst the best in the business.

Please note the following:

  • Only go into operational areas when invited to do so by a representative of Compendium Living, and then only with permission of the site manager.
  • Hard hats must be worn at all times in operational areas and these are available in all marketing suites.
  • Be on guard at all times and ever-watchful for holes, scaffolding, falling objects and other unexpected dangers.
  • Never venture out of the marketing suite into the operational areas after dark.
  • Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in helping to keep our sites safe.

Requests for new homes information, including online registration

This website provides a facility for visitors to request information online, such as exact plot pricing information, PDF and hard copy development brochures, and to direct further enquiries to our sales departments.

In order to access this information, you are asked to register with the site by completing a short online form. We will only use the information you provide for responding to your particular requests, and to supply you with information which we feel may be of interest to you in your search for a new home.

Our Partners

Compendium Living is a development company set up and jointly owned by Lovell Partnerships & The Riverside Group.